I’ve been keeping quite busy the last couple of days. School takes up a lot but the little extra time I have I spend trying to make a little file upload demo in Cappuccino, which is really awesome. I love being able to code Objective-C and then just refresh my browser to see my application running in there instead of on the desktop.

Another very awesome thing is that I have now been officially approved as an iPhone Developer, meaning I can develop apps on my own phone and if they get good enough I can start selling them in the App Store. The entire application process took only 6 work-days which I have to say is very impressive! I’ve heard of people having to wait months for their licenses so that was pretty awesome. The first app up for development is essentially a phone version of DHG, which I hope can get quite awesome.

There is in fact so much awesome, that I can’t stop thinking about all of this awesome, resulting in me not getting any sleep. The upside of this is that it will result in tomorrow being very much less awesome and hopefully I’ll be able to get some sleep then.

I can’t wait till Christmas break when I’ll actually have some free time!