I went to Egypt (Hurghada) over the New Year. I went with Emma and her sister, and it was very awesome. When planning the trip, I had for some reason thought I had gone to Sharm El Sheik last time I went to Egypt but of course this was the same place.

Nevertheless, we went to get sun and we got sun! I also got to read two books that i had wanted to read.




Being gone for a week and them coming back has allowed me to gain a bit of perspective on the habits I had before I left and coming back I’m not sure I’m interested in keeping them.

Those habits include watching gaming streams (and to some extent gaming, playing League of Legends maybe a bit too much), browsing reddit and even to some extent visiting Hacker News too much. It’s not that these habits would intrude on productivity in general, it was all in reasonable amounts, but it’s the kind of habits that mostly waste time and don’t lead to any improvement of life in the long-term. To some extent even habits like that are OK and even good to have, but then you should really enjoy them, which to be honest, I didn’t do.

HN is an especially controversial habit for me, I have learned a lot from that site over the years, and I even have my current job thanks to an HN meetup. But going through the site and looking at it from the new perspective of trying to break habits; there is a lot of crap and circlejerking there. I think about 10% of content is actually good content that I want to read. But how often do you have to check the site to get that 10%? Emanuel suggested subscribing to a top-10 of HN twitter feed which might actually work to some extent. The fun stuff about Haskell showing up or job-posts rarely show up in the top 10 though, but maybe I can get 8% of the content I want, and that would probably be good enough.

Going forward in the new year, I wish to continue feeling a disinterest in these less productive habits and take up more productive habits like exercising more, reading more books (something I really want to do) and doing more things like play card-games with friends and working more. The problem is finding enough new mind-captivating habits to fill the time of the old habits. Some of those habits, like gaming or watching gaming streams, arose because better habits were too straining to do when I was really tired. I could potentially read when I’m really tired, but that would make more more tired. Gaming made me less tired (or at least so I believe). It’s tricky, we’ll see how it works out.

This is what I look like in a beard. It’s gone now because I couldn’t have a beard when I was going to Egypt to sun-bathe.


I think it looks pretty good, but it really isn’t thick enough to be a “proper” beard. There’s a lot of patchiness as well. I think to some degree, it could work. But in order to cover up the patchiness it needs to be a certain length, and that length might be too long to really look “clean”. I think it might make a come-back at some point in the future, but not right away.