I’m currently attending a “Summer School” 2-week course on Functional Programming in France. It’s essentially 2 weeks of Haskell lectures coupled with exercises from some of the best Haskell programmers (one could even say inventors of the language) in the world.

The lectures haven’t started yet (first one is in about one hour) and so I spent the morning walking around the location and taking some pictures. We’re staying at the absolutely lovely Chateu de Cadarache about 70 kilometers outside of Marseille. It’s full accommodation with three awesome meals per day included (and of course wine is included at dinner ; ).

I was expecting a sort of dormitory style room where it was a small bed and shared bathroom shower, but I have a full hotel-room with my won bathroom and shower and the room even has TV. There are three houses with rooms for accommodation, but unfortunately the building I’m staying in is the only one without Wi-Fi. So I have to settle for using the internet in the common-area (like lecture hall and dining area).

Without further delay, here are some pictures of the place. You can check out more pictures on flickr. There are more short explanations of pictures on Flickr as well.


Balcony area of castle

The castle building


The Castle

Break area outside lecture hall

Lecture hall

Computer exercise area