I have been wanting a real office for years. Short of renting an apartment (impossible here in Lund) I haven’t found anything that is doable, until now.

I now have an office here: http://temenos.se, located just east of Lund.

It’s a single room at about 8 or so square meters and feels like a really productive space.

I have studied at school for 3 years, and it’s actually worked well. But that’s mostly because I’ve been studying by reading books and doing calculations on paper, not really using a computer. Using a computer in a library can work, but it’s usually not that awesome.

At the office I have my big 27” Cinema display so doing computer work is excellent. There’s also enough space to do paper calculation should I need to, but with the courses I’m taking now there’s not much of that going on.

Basically it’s just a very productive space where I can get a lot of studying done, but on the occasion that I have time and energy over, it’s also an awesome space to get work done.

Enough talk, let’s do some pictures. This is what the space looked like when I arrived.

Office at arrival

And this is what I turned it into.

Office after setup

Office after setup

Office after setup

Office after setup

What’s left to do is to fill this space in the picture below. It’s begging for a plant or something like that, but I need a watering-system as well so I don’t have to manually water it myself. Another thing I want is to put some sort of comfy arm chair/recliner/reading-type chair where I can sit and relax in between long sessions of work, to be able to change positions now and then.

Empty space

Another awesome thing is the internet, I get a private 100mbit line from the best ISP there is (Bahnhof).