Last week one of my co-workers here got a bit sick, some fever over the night and general feeling-bad for a day or two. (He had been to Portugal before coming here.)

On Sunday I started feeling a bit of a soar throat without thinking much of it, the night to Monday I got a major fever, all of Monday I had a major fever, all of Tuesday I had major headaches and wednesday was dedicated to an incredibly painful throat.

On wednesday I looked down my throat and actually saw all the symptoms for strep-throat / tonsillitis (those are the best translations I could find to Halsfluss).

So on Wednesday morning I actually went to a “hospital” here, an Urgent Care Center to be more accurate. Got to see a doctor, they took a strep-test to see if I had any bacteria in my throat, all in all it was about 1h 55min of waiting and 5 minutes of talking to Doctor/Nurse. It cost me $150 and I found out there was no bacteria.

Today (Thursday) I’m pretty much back on my feet again, I went in to the office and even though I have a bit of a soar throat and a cough it feels good to not be cooped up in the hotel room.

So the leading theory now is that this virus was brought by my co-worker from Portugal to the US, where it somehow mutated (possibly with the help of American drug-resistant super-bugs or something) and is now the ultimate weapon to take down Sweden.

I have pretty much never been this sick in 10 years, and even though each phase (fever, headache, throat) passed relatively quickly, the phases were rather extreme.

What’s worse is that the disease has infected all my hardware as well, the memory on my video card has somehow fried so when it tries to use the fried piece of memory the computer totally crashes. Luckily I have two video cards (an integrated one as well) so I can tell the computer to only use the integrated one and it doesn’t crash.

When I took out my headphones today to have a Skype call, the right cup had started glitching and either plays some buzzing noise or nothing at all, or if I hold my head just right I have sound in it.

So yeah, the American-Portugese Super-Virus took out 3 days of my life, my video card and my headphones. Congratulations.