Yesterday I participated in a programming contest. Unfortunately the required language was C/C++ or Java, since I have no idea what available data-structures there are in C/C++ we chose (like last year) to code in Java. But the thing is - I haven’t coded Java since sometime last year. Because it sucks. Neither had my partner and we were out a third team-member.

This all resulted in us finishing in 37th place of 40 competing teams :P If the language had been Ruby on the other hand I do believe I would have kicked a bit more ass. We had somewhat finished solutions for 3 tasks but were just debugging for like 2 hours on two of them, so we only got one task finished.

The contest was followed by 8 hours of studying electrodynamics. So I spent a total of 15 hours in school… Gonna go get a shower now (after spending the morning reviewing the solutions we had for the other tasks yesterday) and then go back to school again.

Our team-name for the contest was “The Owl Exterminators” it’s a name I use pretty often when I can’t think of anything awesome, it’s a reference to Futurama. Though on my way home yesterday I thought of a perfect team name, it’s witty, it’s Ruby and it shows how beautiful Ruby can be, it is the title of this post.